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Better than super

Neat, clean ... and owned by two of the best people in the world. They are precious. Go there.


This was my 4th stay at what was formerly the Arkansas River Motel.My 1st since it changed names.The quality of the rooms and service has definitely gone downhill since changing hands. Durin the three nights we stayed thehot water faucet in the sink turned on by itself some time during the night and could only be turned off by going under the sink to the water valve. The hairdryer worked when it felt like it (off and on) and the room was spacious enought for oly one queen bed instead of the two that were in their. You have definitely lost a customer.

Thank you for the comment!

We highly thank you for your feedback! We are very happy to hear that you had good times here! Please let us know the next time you visit! Also, dear Pat Littlefield, I am thinking that you had little confusion about the Motels' names. Our motel is called "Americal Inn Motel." The motel you are indicating, "Arkansas River Motel" recently changed its name to "America's Best Value Inn." I would highly appreciate if you could transfer your review to their page! Thank you for your help!

American Inn Motel

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American Inn

Address of American Inn
1231 Royal Gorge Boulevard,
Canon City, Colorado
USA, 81212
Phone of American Inn
(719) 269-1158

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